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P_ Hangman
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<ID BY SamsonLeandro>

Un qlo pajero...

O cómo diría el buen Dolapin,
"un esperpento vastago bastardo sembrador de incongruentes absurdos y comportamientos erraticos con multiples afluentes mierderas"

Puentealtino; bien aweonao, flaco, con huesos raros. Habla puras weás. Frío pero sonriente.

Lover of music, cats


and the withins, the surroundingssss


a whole life to prove a point:
the whole idea...
me acabo de dar cuenta que tengo el pelo más largo que la chucha D:
god i love cloudy afternoons

just a thought i've had as of lately: most of you are taking art seriously, some of you are even in artistic careers and schools. or you want to go that way, if you're not in there yet.

here's the thing: how many of ya are just interested in drawing stuff from time to time as a hobby? :I
of course, you probably care about getting better, doing certain things you have in mind and all. but you just don't... want to (or can) go straight into an art-based lifestyle. even if you love it.

haha! here's the awkward revelation for me. i do love to draw and make stuff up, i dream of making my own comics and paintings someday. but i'm on college studying something (at first sight) completely unrelated to art (engineering)... and the truth is i'm afraid to take art seriously.
even though the excuse i'm always telling for it is "i want to learn by myself, i don't want no teacher to tell me what i'm doing is wrong".

...i still believe that, though. with you guys i'm learning the basics (why else do you think i'm so supportive ewe, i'm basically ripping all of you off :B) and i only want to do art as a hobby.
that way i'm constructing myself, sort of.

with that in mind, i won't even charge a dime by something i do (remember that), won't ever stick to deadlines (fuck, i've tried), only do it because it's fun. it's really damn fun :D that means i'd probably be left behind by most of people reading this when they get better.
that'll be fun to see (and it's fun to see as of now! freaking younger lads xD)

plus there's awesome artists who take art as a hobby themselves... it's all a matter of attitude really, of loving it :eager:
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teamoth Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Gracias por el favorito! ¿Cómo va todo? :)
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Thanks for the fav, man!
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Vengo de mi aletargado y caotico estado de trabajos de u y no pescar esto (u_u) para decirte que estoy copiando algunos de tus dibujos XD
Es brigidamente raro porque tu modo de dibujar es mas obtuso que la mierda
Imaginate mierda obtusa
Ahora tus dibujos son mas obtusos que esa mierda obtusa
Asi de obtuso

Assjkd, pero eso.
Para que no creas que te he olvidado (<3)
Wea fleta :stare:
Palabra qlia, nunca me gusto ese termino


Paladin off
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FurriesInBlenders Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yo thatnks for the favorite P! Means a lot to me, heh.
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Jo, me voymevoymevoyairayayayay(????
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